Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The power of belief is an amazing thing. While the poem below touches on a spiritual aspect any power of belief is a wonderful thing to see in action. You must believe you will be successful. Conditioning your heart and mind to believe is vital. If you don't believe in yourself who will? Are you thinking yes but you don't know ME. I'm a screw up. I have bad luck.No matter how hard I try it goes wrong. See the concept? You keep saying it and thinking you're a failure, then you are because that is what you believe.
But if you keep telling yourself you are a success your mind starts searching for ways to make that happen because you remove the defeated attitude from yourself and replace it with hope. Hope leads to action and action leads to success and it all started with belief.
Again while this poem is slanted towards a spiritual concept and the belief in can apply the power of belief to any area of life and become a success. if you believe in do I! :)

There is a place between the heart and soul
way back beyond those walls you've built
You might not even see it anymore
with so much sadness covering it
But just believe
that's all you have to do
When the time is right
God will bring it back to you
What could he bring you ask
after all the pain I've seen
once again just believe
go by faith
and you'll see
that there tucked in that little hiding space
in that tiny secret place
Are the dreams that refuse to die
They are hopes remaining for your life
just believe
and God will bring the good to be
maybe not in your time
and maybe you don't understand
but everything we need of worth
comes through his time and plan
He didn't give you life
just to let you cry
There's a spark inside of you
hiding with those sweet dreams too
just hold on ,through your grief
God will heal your heart
Just believe

Connie Whiting
Copyright 2007