Sunday, July 19, 2009

Success And Habits--Are My Habits Holding Me Back From Real Success?

It is amazing how habits can play such a negative and positive role in our lives. What are your habits? Are they good habits or bad habits? Are these habits holding you back from real success? And, on the flip side, are some of your habits contributing to your success? It is so important to take a step back and evaluate your habits. Determine which ones are detrimental for success, and which ones are actually beneficial to your goals for success.

Some habits are very easy to determine, however those are usually the most difficult to change. It is critical to your journey to success to eliminate these bad habits from your life. Bad habits such as smoking, unhealthy food choices, inactivity and lack of sleep will contribute to low productivity. Low productivity leads to low self-esteem, and low self-esteem can bring on feelings of depression, which in turn leads to an unsuccessful life.

Although bad habits are hard to eliminate from your life, it is not impossible. People with good habits tend to become more successful more easily than those with bad habits. So, how can you begin to change your habits?

Tips on changing bad habits

• Try replacing a bad habit with a good one makes it much easier than eliminating a bad habit alone. Finding a constructive habit to replace that bad habit will help you feel better about yourself and help you on your road to success.

• Exercise is not only beneficial in helping you overcome your bad habits; it can help give you energy to be more productive, which will help you accomplish those goals.

• Reward your accomplishments. This is extremely important to your success of kicking those bad habits. Set small goals. Once you have accomplished this goal, reward yourself. It will give you the confidence to keep on going.

• Keep on trying, even if they are baby steps. Too many times, people will work really hard at something, such as a diet or quitting smoking, only to lapse one or two times. That one lapse tends to bring down confidence and then more and more lapses. You need to pick yourself up and just start where you left off. If you let those setbacks take over, you will not meet your goals. Or, what about trying to start a new business? Many people will procrastinate because of their fears. Keep on trying new ways. If you give up, your business will never thrive. But, if you keep trying, imagine the possibilities! Success!

Now that I have given you some tips to eliminating or changing bad habits in your life, I want to point out the fact that not all habits are bad. Many people develop great habits in their lives.

Tips on incorporating “good” habits into your life

• Get excited – If you enjoy what you are doing, you are likely to be more successful.

• Stay focused – With focus comes success. Sometimes there are steps that need to be taken that you really do not wish to deal with. However, you need to realize that achieving smaller tasks will get you to your overall goal. For example, as a person starting a new business, there may be many obstacles or tasks that need to be addressed that you do not care to handle. But, if you do not stay focused and complete these smaller tasks, your business will not achieve the desired results. Each task completed is just a stepping stone to greater achievement. Stay focused on that overall goal to become a success.

• Create a schedule and make a list. You should try to stick to a schedule as much as possible. Distractions will happen. Allow for time and have plans to handle unexpected situations. A list should be prepared every night of what you need to do the next day. This will keep your focus on what is needed to accomplish your goals, and to become a success.

• Meditate – Meditation relaxes you and allows you to connect with your powerful side. This will help you to think more clearly to create more good habits, such as eating well, exercising and leading a more positive, constructive and fulfilling life.

• Saying “yes” to opportunities will allow for new successes to come your way. You can be assured that if you can build up on your accomplishments from your new successful habits, you will achieve any goal or dream you have roadmapped for your life.

"Written by Natalie R. Manor, CEO, author, speaker and executive coach, creator of The Roadmap to Your Extraordinary Success series, The Roadmap, Natalie Manor & Associates is your ultimate resource for leadership and communication development success for managers, emerging leaders and executives to maximize your potential and increase your productivity., (800) 666-2230,